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    Is it possible to implement a share-nothing architecture with CF8?

    cffan3 Level 1
      Hi All -

      I'm currently running a very large scale CF app using CFMX over J2EE, in a cluster of CF enterprise servers of course, with a mySql cluster as the backend. The performance is really good using a mix of in-memory variables and disk caching. However, the scaling is a pain :-D

      For my next project I want to go for a share nothing architecture. Meaning if we need more headroom for more users we just slap a new box in the datacenter. I have only 2 questions:

      - Is there an existing "share nothing" CF framework I could inspire myself from?
      - How can I manage sessions in such an environment? I imagine they would all have to be commited to DB, but how can I recognize a user is logged in when they come knocking, and how can I manage session expiration? 'Could CF Store session in DB' option be the solution?

      Any pointers, advice etc would be much, much appreciated!

      Thanks in advance!!