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    Setting up Flash Builder 4 - Configuring ASP.Net


      Hi -


      Really new to Adobe Flex and Flash Builder.  I have successfully installed the Flash Builder 4 on my desktop, and I was wondering how to configure projects to run on my ArcServer.   I started with a New Project, and when I get to add this on the first screen with its location (which I've put in a folder on the web server and not my local machine), I'm fine.   But, when I try to configure my ASP. Net root and URL I have trouble.   I'm trying to understand how/why things are set up so that I can point everything in the right direction.    I want to work on my projects on my desktop, but run them from my webserver....can I do this? 


      My client machine is GIS101 where the Flash Builder 4 resides and I want to build the projects here.   The ArcServer is the localhost machine.    On my first New Project screen, I added a project name "PDproj", then I put it a path to a shared folder location on the ArcServer (localhost) machine.....I then set ASP.NET on the pull down for Application Server Type.   I then click next and the second screen comes up and I clicked on Use IIS .   It's here where I don't know how to correctly set up my root path and URL.    Does FB4 require the IIS root path?   I tried putting in \\inetpub\wwwroot\Flex_pd (i added a folder in the wwwroot called Flex_pd) and gave it http://arcserver as my web app localhost URL - it gave me this path and folder next for the compiler app location = \\ARCSERVER\inetpub\wwwroot\Flex_pd\police_project-debug



      I hit Validate Configuration and I get "You do not have write permission for the project output folder.  Specify another location."   I have shared and write permissions on this location....at a loss am I going about this the right way?