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    fireworks cs4 - animated gif

    Erik Oberhausen Level 1


      Haven't had to do this since cs3.

      I have my images collected for each frame of the animation in Fireworks CS4 on separate layers.

      I am under the impressions that "States" has replace "Frames".

      I create a new state and make layer one visible.

      I duplicate the state and make layer two visible.

      When I go back to state one layer two is visible instead of just layer one.

      It looks like layer visibility is changing across all states.


      What's the trick?



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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Put the images on seperate states (frames) rather than layers. Think of states as like seperate cells of a strip of film. You can have lots of layers on an individual state, but cannot view the layers from state 1 on state 2 unless you copy them to state 2. You animate states, but not layers.

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            Erik Oberhausen Level 1

            Hi Linda.

            thanks for the reply.

            I tried it again with a fresh file and seems to be working now how I expected it to.


            Thanks again.

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              Anon9 Level 1

              Hi Linda,


              I'm wondering if you can explain in a bit more detail how to actually place graphics on states as opposed to layers.


              If I select the contents of a layer and copy them, then go to the states panel, select the specific state i want the content on, and paste... it doesn't seem to do anything but create a new layer in my layers panel. If I turn off layers from one state to the next, it turns them off for all states.


              I made many layers in Photoshop, expecting to be able to open the file in Fireworks, make states, and just turn on and off layers to create my animation. This worked with earlier versions of Fireworks (back when GIF banners were the standard format for online ads... I know, I'm a dinosaur).


              I've been trying to get this to work for hours, and finding this very unintuitive and frustrating.


              Thanks for any help you can provide.

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                smartwebby Level 1

                Hi Anon,


                Did you try to use duplicate state and then make your changes? A simple animated GIF tutorial that shows how to do this can be found at: http://www.smartwebby.com/free_tutorials/adobe_fireworks_CS4_tutorials/graphic_design/anim ated_GIF_graphic.asp. If you already have your layers ready then just duplicate the initial state and show and hide the required layers for the other states. Its possible that you are changing the state and not making the required layers visible.


                - Anita