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    How to Access ArrayCollection data?


      Hello guys. I know this one might be easy but I couldn't figure out.


      I have a List control that retrieve multiply data from Mysql. When a use clicks the data on List, The datagrid will display the data and the product image will show.


      I can see the multiply data shown in my dataGrid, but I don't know how to get the individual data shown. I am not sure if I explain the questoin well. Please see the code below and thanks for any reply.



      <s:List id="compList"





      change="compList_changeHandler(event)"  //when a user select a row, the datagrid will display the data.


      <s:AsyncListView list="{compinfoResult.lastResult}"/>







      <mx:DataGrid id="dataGrid" dataProvider="{compDetailinfoResult.lastResult}">      //The dataGrid display the data fine


      <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="user" headerText="User"/>

      <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="brand" headerText="Brand"/>

      <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="compModel" headerText="Model"/>

      <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="picture" headerText="Product Picture"/>





      <mx:Image source="??????" />   // I want to display productPicture here too but not sure what to add here.....