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    Printing Preferences not holding settings

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      My printer preferences that are set in windows are not carrying over to Acrobat Reader everytime I open a .pdf document. When the print preview window opens in Acrobat Reader I have to manually change the print properties.

      This is a new computer running Windows 7.

      I have always used XP in the past, and Acrobat Reader always printed using the preferences set in windows.

      Does anyone have any suggestions on how to tell Acrobat Reader to default the printing properties as set in windows.

      For example, I have my printer set to print in "fast draft" mode. When Acrobat Reader opens the print preview window and I select poperties, everything is set to "normal"


      Thanks in advance,



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          Bump for some love.

          Lots of views, no replies.  No one knows how to fix this? I guess I gotta pay the $40 bucks?

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            Have you tried reinstalling the application? It could also be wise to reinstall the printer drivers to see if it will help.

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              Got it figured out while on hold with support and getting transferred to 3 different people trying to pay the $40 bucks. Standard?

              Anyway, lovely Windows 7 was the culprit.  Not only are there printing preferences in Windows 7 like all previous versions of Windows, but there is also a very small tucked away button called "printing defaults", that I stumbled upon by accident just clicking away at stuff trying to find anything.

              It is found under "customize your printer" in the control panel and then clicking the "advanced" tab, to find the printing defaults at the bottom of the tab.


              Thanks for the replies.



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                Unfortunately setting the printer defaults is a band aid not a solution. If a user changes the defaults to print a specific document into a 4 page 1 sheet per page booklet folded then when the user prints from word it will have those settings the default and the user will have to change this everytime and set as a default going into devices and printers. For non technical users this can become a nightmare for the IT department.


                Can I get a bump on this. Windows 7 is not the actual culprit because this does not happen on other products like Microsoft Office, various databases I print reports from etc. This is a breakdown between the print dialogue of Adobe products and the Windows system dialogue for the print driver.

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                  Bumping again because it still isn't answered. Why isn't there a way to set these preferences to begin with?

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                    Hi mtmiller1,


                    This is definitely an @Adobe issue. Not only with Acrobat but all of @Adobe CC products. I have had the same problems and I have worked with support and done research of my own to correct this. I don't think anyone at Adobe even cares. I had two support cases open and they will only say that this is "a characteristic of the application". I am responding to your post because I have not found many discussions about this. But I really want to get the word out. I don't think anyone at Adobe realizes or even cares how big of an issue this is for the end user. In my case, this is a waste of resources and time when I print and a document goes to the incorrect printer. I personally will start looking at other less expensive alternatives to @Adobe products since it seems as if they do not care to hear the concerns of their customers lately.

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                      while it might not have been you fix. this seems to BE the fix i was looking for when a user needed locked print to be retained across a reboot and time delay.