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    Please help! Nested Movie Clips as navigation bar


      Hi everyone,


      I just had my first flash lesson a couple of days  ago, but decided to venture myself into trying to build a navigation  tool bar with movie clips grouped together. My intention is that once  the mouse rolls over one particular movie clip, another movie clip fades  in under it (my version of a "drop down" menu). Just so it happens, the  movie clip that fades in, is also comprised of particular movie clips  with their own behaviors (roll over tween effects).


      I can make  each individual movie clip behave as it should, but I cannot get them to  work once they are pieced together. I'm attaching a link that contains  the file I'm talking about (submenu), in the hopes that one of you good  Samaritans would take a look at it and tell me where I went wrong.


      Hopefully   I haven't absolutely shocked you guys with my level of ignorance.

      http://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B09iy1xwVTUYZmY0NjdhM2EtZDRjYS00MGNlLWJmNmEtMDJmOTI4ZT ZjYWFi&hl=en