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    About multiple TOC feature for different users

    Ali Adil

      Hi. I am using RoboHelp 7 HTML for developing web help for a web based system. In this system there are more than one type of users differentiated based upon there authority and permissions, For example a user with Admin rights have the full set to funtions to perform, likewise an ordinary user have compressed set of functions to perform In this scenario how can I create help such that different types of users can see only their authorized table of contents when they call web help form the web page. I have a clue that multiple TOC feature will be used in this case, but have limited idea how to accomplish this.


      Kindly help me out for this.


      Best Regards,

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Ali and welcome to the RH community.


          This can be done but you need to think carefully about the approach that is best for you.


          There is a train of though that goes along the lines that it does not matter if users with limited access to functionality see documentation on processes they cannot perform. If this is OK for you, you just need to structure your help so that it is clear to users which grouping they fall into. For example the TOC would need looking at and perhaps flags inside the relevant topics.


          If this is not the approach for you, you can use conditional build tags inside RoboHelo to build output files that include only the relevant topics for a specific audience. However you'd need to liaise with your developers to ensure only the relevant help files were installed for the user. This could be done by looking at their access priviledges. Whichever way it is done, this would be a developers task.


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            Ali Adil Level 1

            Thanks very much for the helpful reply


            I will start working on it with the collaboration of development team, and ask further if problem arise.


            Best Regards,