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    Compound Shape vs. layered shapes printing issue

    wadedansby3 Level 1

      Weird bug/issue discovered:


      1. make a color square (or any other shape), make multiple white lines on top of that shape, expand and merge the lines into one shape. Save this group of lines and square.


      2. Duplicate the above group. Select "Exclude overlapping shape areas" and expand again if necessary creating a compound shape. Trim away lines outside the square.


      3. You now have two images (1 & 2) that look identical on screen. If you go to and snap to point and pull the compound path on top of the group, they will fit exactly over each other. HOWEVER, if you print this page, or copy and paste these two images to photoshop, the overlaying white expanded lines on top of the square will be fatter than the negative space lines in the compound shape, even though they should be identical.


      i have tried printing to different printers, and different settings. I have tried importing the objects into photoshop. The same issue occurs.


      Can anyone shed any light on this for me.