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    Font drop-down menu in the Property Inspector


      I am having an issue with the drop-down menu in the Property inspector panel that I can't figure out.
      I searched the forum and found 1 related topic, but it doesn't answer the question that I have.

      I am currently reading a book on Dreamweaver. In the lesson that I have it says to choose the size 24 from the drop-down menu in the Properties panel, but there isn't a size 24. All I see is 1 to 7, +1 to +7 and -1 to -7.

      In the topic that I found in the forum is a picture of two different views of the font sizes: http://www.buddhapada.com/tests/roger.jpg
      How do you change which way Dreamweaver displays this list?

      I am currently using version CS3 for Windows on Vista.

      Any help, greatly appreciated,