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    BlazeDS -> lastResult -> [object Object]




      I have a Flex 4, BlazeDS, J2EE application with a Hibernate/MySQL connection.

      In my database table I have three rows.


      Now I want to access this via my interface, so I write an creationComplete="init()":

      private function init():void


      And I have a mx:Tree:

      <mx:Tree id="tree" width="100%" height="100%" dataProvider="{InterfaceUserService.getAllUsers.lastResult}"></mx:Tree>


      My problem is, that I get three (that's fine, ecause I have three table rows), but the output is:

      [object Object]
      [object Object]
      [object Object]

      How can I access attributes like "name"?

      In my book I have it tell me that this line should work


      Why doesn'twork for me?


      What's the problem?


      Best Regards PHANTOMIAS