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    please help! :)



      thank you very much for reading this...I really don't know what else to do...i'm building a website in dreamweaver, and I have a few flash img slides, with thumbnails/buttons...never had any problem until now...I usually have my code and file in flash, i just change the picturestime after time and export the .swf video, then i upload it on the .html page and publish..it always worked until now. until after I installed the ADOBE CS5...now when I try opening the page on firefox it says that i need the latest flash player version, but even if i already downloaded and installed it 5 times(and restarted the computer after), it keeps telling me the same.I tried opening the page in safari as well, but same problem...

      Could it be some kind of incompatibility? I have the feeling that it is something very simple and stupid, but I really don't understand what am I doing wrong...I even tried changing the flash files settings, and choosing previous versions, or an older action script, but nothing changed. I really don't know what to do about it, and I'm right in the middle of the work, with deadlines getting closer...


      please, please, can anyone help me?

      Thank you so much!!





      here's a screen capture of the img slide


      Picture 6.png


      and here of the page as i see  it online

      Picture 4.png

      and here the page as it is

      Picture 5.png