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    Fireworks to Dreamweaver to insert addtional items


      I have created a website in Fireworks and exported and inserted it into Dreamweaver to add the contact form and a flash video.  My problem is that when I do this when I go to view in browser the form and video are in different spots.  How do i get these items to stay where I want them.  What is the best way to bring this information into dreamweaver from Fireworks...Export as HTML and Insert, copy and paste the code?

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          pixlor Level 4

          Can you upload your original .png (using the camera icon on the forum) and also link to your Web page? It just isn't possible to know what you're doing/trying to do from your description.

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            arellano81 Level 1

            I exported my web site as html and then inserted fireworks html into dreamweaver.  but I was not able to make the contact page interactive on fireworks so after I inserted it into dreamweaver I created a forms for with text fields and a submit button to make it function.  But my problem is that it moves around from browser to browser, IE it is on one side and Firefox on the other.  The same with a Flash video that i inserted into a "AP Div Box"


            I am trying to figure out how to not have it move around...I'm sure that I must not be doing it right and can't find information on how to make it look the same.

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              arellano81 Level 1


              The video goes on the home page on the billboard and then the contact page with the contact information.  If you view in both browser you will see they are in different areas.


              If there is a better way to do it it would be greatly appreciated.  The course I took, my instructor is not really good at web programs.

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                pixlor Level 4

                Okay. Without taking the time to really look at your code (so this is a big caveat), it looks like you are setting the position of your video and form absolutely with respect to the viewport-to the browser window. I have a widescreen monitor. If I do not have the browser window full screen, but I move the right or left side of my browser window, then the form or video stay in a constant position relative to the left side of the browser window, while the page itself will add or remove gutters (black background area) to either side to keep it centered in the browser window.


                Hmm...yeah...it's probably the absolute positioning on the div apDiv1. What you want, instead, is to create a box (defined by a div) on your page, and then place your form or your video inside the box.


                Try going through this tutorial: I think it's very good:

                http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/html-css-techniques/design-and-code-your-first-website-i n-easy-to-understand-steps/



                Fireworks is a graphics program, not an HTML authoring tool. The code it produces is good for prototypes, but isn't really up to snuff for live sites. You really need to tweak it to get something robust, and by the time you've sorted out what's what, it's usually faster to have built up from scratch in Dreamweaver (which is a powerful HTML authoring tool).