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    Viewstack problem: automatically changing index




      I am experiencing a weird problem with a viewstack. The viewstack is used as a container to load modules. The navigation is done by a Tabbar on the bottom. It is very similar to a Windows-style taskbar at the bottom and the modules are applications loaded into the viewstack. While there is one application inside the viewstack everything works fine. The problem occurrs when there are 2 or more applications loaded. Once you mouseOver a user-interactive component (like a DataGroup, Tree, etc.) inside one of first viewstacks it automatically changes the selectedIndex of the viewstack to the last item.


      Unfortunately the project is pretty large and not published yet, so it is not possible to post an example. (Well, I didn´t try to recreate the problem in a smaller example either.)


      After searching for a while I decided to post the problem here. I would appreciate any help.


      Is there a way to suppress valueCommit events on a viewstack, and only allow user-initiated change events? Only a wild guess for a possible solution.


      thank you in advance