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    Is it possible to tie a PDF document to a USB flash drive serial number


      I am looking to publish a number of PDF files (200+) on a USB  flash drive.

      I wanted to provide some copy protection but do not want the user to have to connect to the internet.

      Therefore the standard DRM offered in Livecycle does really work in this situation.


      So I was wondering whether it would be possible to embed a Javascript in each file that, when first opened, would check to see if the USB flash drive is present. It would look at the serial number or Company ID to check for a match. If it was fine then the file would open normally.


      The reason I want to persue this method is that I want to keep it seamless for the user, yet still restrict use to those who havent purchased the product on the USB flash drive.


      I suppose this would only work if the PDF files are located on the USB drive. I'm not sure whether it could still check for the USB drive if the PDF had been copied to the hard drive and opened. This would be fine also.