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    Multicam Editing and Audio

    Dimitri Vorontzov Level 1

      Hello Forum,


      does anyone know if there a way to select a different audio track separately from the video track when editing in the multicam mode?


      For example, if there a way for an editor to have a video from Camera 1 and Sound from Camera 2?


      Would appreciate a direct technique or a workaround suggestion.




      Dimitri Vorontzov

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Depending on how often you want to do this, it might get tedious, but:


          Hold down the Alt key and click on the audio portion you want to change; this will select just the audio clip. Right-click on it, go to Multi-Camera, and then select the camera you want to use for audio. The video will stay whatever you had originally edited into place, but the audio will be pulled from the other camera.


          If you want to use audio from a specific camera for the whole edit, there is an option in the multicam monitor flyout menu called "Audio Follows Video." If you uncheck that, you can pick what audio track you want to use at the bottom of the MC monitor. Premiere will add edits, but the audio will always be from the camera you specified. I'm not sure which option you're really after, but hopefully that helps.

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            Dimitri Vorontzov Level 1

            Thank you Colin, this is just what I needed.




            Dimitri Vorontzov