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    CS5 exporting TIF from EPS appends artboard name to the file name


      We have recently upgraded to CS5 from CS3. We routinely create EPS files, then export them to TIF's for final use. Previously I used the CROP MARKS tool to set the specific visual size of the art. Without the crop marks, when exporting to a TIF the exported file clips to the edges of the bounding box. In the event I have vertical lines at the outside limits of the drawings they stand the possibilitiy of getting "clipped" or dropped off when the resulting TIF is printed or placed in another document.  I understand the ARTBOARDS have replaced the crop marks setting.  If I create an art board, rename it as MYTAK4 ARTBOARD and then export from the EPS to a TIF, having the radio button "artboard" checked, the resultant TIF file becomes FILENAME_MYTAK4_ARTBOARD.tif.  With the hundreds of files that we create and continually revise, it is important that the any files we revise, maintain the same file name, not another file with same base name, with an appended artboard name tacked on before the TIF extension.  The only solution I have arrived at is to RENAME the file once the TIF is exported to remove the unwanted artboard portion of the name. Anyone have a better solution?