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    animating sand

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      What would be the best way to create a sand animation effect in an hour
      glass? So, when you rotate the hourglas, the sand moves from the one end
      to the other.


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          tedalde2 Level 2
          Textures on the two ends of the glass, and particles to show sand flow. A mesh-sand 3D hourglass would be a nice feat to accomplish. That's tricky. The shaders on the ends might need a textureModeList = #reflection, so they keep right-side-up when the hourglass turns... but then it moves as the camera turns, too, so probably no good. You'd have to rotate and place the shader correctly according to the rotation of the glass.
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            tyree_2 Level 2
            you could use a particle system/metaparticle for the sand there is more than one way to animate it from 2d to 3d