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    Trouble with Transitions, help appreciated.


      Hello everyone!


      I've been cruising around the forums for a few days seeing what people have hit on the troubles that they've come across and i haven't found anything specifically pertaining to what i'm doing, Although i have found other tricks and work arounds for other problems and for those i'm super excited.


      My question is that in the instance of transition resets, i've got my timeline set up to allow the custom components i've built to allow enough time for them to transition out before moving to the next main state. That way my viewers will get a very fluid and smooth flow from one state to another. One state works and i achieve the effect i was going for. However, For the other 4 components that have to have the same transition effect don't fade/transition out and just move to the next state with out recognizing the delays set up for such interactions to take place. 


      Each component has transitions to their 'start' states when any top level state is selected via the navigation bar. They've been, set up exactly the same way as the one that works. Is there anything that could be preventing the fades / transitions from performing correctly?  I've been working on this problem for the past day now and can't figure out the problem. The only thing that i can see, from the one component that works, is that on the timeline its a solid green bar where the others are the smaller and cream colored. Logically it must mean something and something is keeping this from working. i just haven't been able to find the information needed to figure it out.


      Any help, advice, tips, or work arounds would be greatly appreciated!


      Thanks for your time and reading this.



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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          Could you potentially post your project to the web, or one that has a similar problem, and share the link? I understand the general problem, but it's difficult to get your particulars.


          The cream colored transitions are "helper" transitions that exist to get everything to work smoothly. Catalyst 1.0 creates these because it needs to add some extra transitions under the hood to make everything work visually the way you'd expect. For every "reset" you're hoping to take effect, you should have at least one green bar.


          One last thing to check out, is that components resize a little unpredictably in Catalyst. There's a little bit of a discussion of that here.



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            grantolous Level 1

            Hey Bear,


            Thank you for the explanation of the "helpers", that information has lead me to discover the overly simple explanation to why things weren't working the way i had set everything up.


            Basically the issue was that the Custom Components that i had built for each main state were still in their originating folders in my layers pane. i set them up as  Products, Videos, Our Team, , Contact, and Partners. It was this finding that i figured out that if a custom component is left in a folder the timeline recognizes both the component and the main state layer. I only had transitions/actions applied to the component itself and none applied to the  video layer (the video folder in the layers pane), partner layer, contact layer, etc etc. . So Catalyst only saw the "no transition" on the those layers and caused them override the actual component action.


            I don't know why i hadn't noticed it before, i'm definitely still learning but it explains why the product component continued to work just fine and thats because it wasn't in a folder in my layers pane like the rest were. once they were removed from the folders and the empty layers/folders were deleted. Viola! problem was solved.


            Thank you so much for the insight, and hope this helps anyone else that runs into a similar problem.