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    selecting overset anchored textframe


      Hi all,


      I'm having trouble with the following.


      I'm trying to select an anchored textframe that is not visible in my indesign file due to overset of the parent textframe.

      The text that is overset is no problem to find but my script cannot detect the anchored textframe unless i make the parenttextframe big enough so it is no longer overset.


      Any ideas what i'm missing here?





      var myDoc = app.open(File("POC.indd"));
      var currentPage = myDoc.pages.firstItem();


      // loop over top-level frames in the document
      for (var i=0; i< currentPage.textFrames.length; i++){
      var myFrame = currentPage.textFrames.[i];
      app.consoleout("myFrame.label : " + myFrame.label);

      changeMultipleNode(myItem, myFrame);



      } catch(err) {    
      app.consoleerr("Error '"+err.message+"' at line "+err.line);
      result = "Error!!!!";
      } finally {


      function changeMultipleNode(myXMLParent, myFrame) {

      // loop over nested (anchored) frames
      app.consoleout("Frame " + myFrame.label + "has " + myFrame.parentStory.textFrames.length + "innerframes");
      for (var i=0; i< myFrame.parentStory.textFrames.length; i++){
      var innerFrame = myFrame.parentStory.textFrames.[i];
      app.consoleout("innerFrame.label : " + innerFrame.label);

      changeMultipleNode(myItem, innerFrame);