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    Premiere Cs5 capturing issue



      I'm trying to capture video from my Sony hdr-fx1via firewire to my Alienware Mx17 I have tried everything, I did  20-25 hours of research on the web and have not been able to solve the problem
      I read almost all of the posts on the forum and i cant manage to find the answer.
      I also took my computer to get checked if it's working properly and it is.

      Steps on my Project

      Properties of the project

      New project
      capture format HDV

      Sequence Presets

      Available Presets
      HDV 1080i30 (60i)

      Capture Setting

      Device Control
      DV/HDV device control
      Device Control options

      Video Standard: NTSC
      Device brand: Generic
      Device Type: standard
      Time Format: Auto detect

      When I import the video this is what comes up

      (the cable is new & I tried another one )

      cam is on hdv output

      tried another canon hdv ( same problem )

      The only suggestions!I've gotten is to look for a HDV codec and i have tried

      ac3 filter
      and many more

      I haven't been able to find a hdv codec
      tried main concept mpeg pro hd 4 4.0.1 and only works for cs3 and cs4
      tried using premier 2.0 and the same thing happens

      what am i doing wrong??