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    Wrap a single word in a text field


      Hello everyone!


      I currently have a problem with text data that is displayed in a Flex text field <mx:Text>.

      It's a narrow textfield (100px wide) in a animated ad banner that displays content from a database. There are some words that are too long for the available space, so flash wraps some letters to the next line. I have attached a screenshot that shows the actual problem.

      The text is shown in a Java web-application as well, and since that Java app is displayed as a normale webpage, there is a lot more space for the text. I cannot put hyphens into the text because it would look weird in the normal web view.


      Is there a way to make automatic hyphenation happening when Flash wraps a single word?

      It would be perfect to get language-specific correct hyphenation, but a hyphen at the wrong spot is still better than no hyphen at all.


      Thanks for your time and help!