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    DNG Camera Profile vs. White Balance?

    dkaye Level 1

      I'm having trouble understanding DNG Camera Profiles and haven't found a good explanation online. I understand that each camera or camera/lens combination will have some variations, and I understand the white balance process. But I haven't grasped the idea that I can create a usable profile using one or two ColorChecker shots in conditions that aren't tightly controlled. For example, if I create a DNG Camera Profile using my tungsten lights, how does that help correct photos shot using different slightly warmer or cooler lights? How does the profile taken at an unknown color temperature help correct for another color temperature? And (more fundamentally) how is what the DNG Camera Profiles do different from a white balance adjustment? Feel free to just point me towards an existing explanation. I've read a lot about camera profiles, but I still don't quite get it. Thanks.