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    Securing Flash Player


      I am sorry if this is in the wrong place or is inappropriate but I am looking for a methodology to secure a music player.


      I have created a number of MP3 Flash Players using AS3 and XML files. These work fine but clearly the files are easily locatable through the XML and as such are not secure. I resolved this due to the fact that the player in this case only needed to play samples and so these were reduced quality/length tracks.


      However, I now need to offer users the ability to listen to the whole track without the possibility of them downloading the file through the XML. Actually, they will be able to download the file from another, allowable system but I hate the idea that the structure of the system is viewable.


      Therefore, is there a tutorial about making such a system secure? Is it as simple as connecting the player to a mySQL database that then presents the URL and playlist?


      Pointers would be excellent!