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    Spark List has no scroll bars w/Air 2 and FB 4

    jdesko Level 2

      I am having inconsistent problems with Spark List with the latest download of Air 2 and Flash Builder 4.  I am using a MacBook Pro w/OS X 10.6.4.


      The most common problem is with the scrollbar, it will not show.  I can set the scroll policy to on, and it does show, but it will be disabled.  If I change it from a List to a DropDownList than I have a workable scrollbar.  Also, with Spark List the border.visible inconsistently works.


      Along with Spark List issues I do have inconsistently working auto-fill.


      I have reinstalled the latest sdk's for FB and Air.  Have tried new workspaces.  New projects have the same issues.


      In my logs I do have this error:


      !MESSAGE Warning: Detected recursive attempt by part com.adobe.flexbuilder.editors.mxml.MXMLEditor to create itself (this is probably, but not necessarily, a bug)

      !STACK 1

      Thanks in advance for any help,