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    Adobe After Effects Crash! Help! SOS!


      hello, thanx for reading this question. id like to come to the point, i have just installed adobe after effects cs3 pro v8.0.0 on my pc and its working fine, until yesterday when i tried to import a video file which is in .avi format. i can tell you surely that i did nothing of consequence to the working of the program before i tried importing it! but when i double clicked the file i wanted to import, adobe after effects crashes and gives me one more chance at saving the project i was working on before freezing. i had to click close and end now to shut the program down. everything else works fine on the program except when i try to import a video file! ive heard people saying that you need to delete or reset your preferences and that would solve your problem but if that is the solution, how do i do it, and if it isn't the solution what do i do? thanx a lot for reading this question and hope u reply to it with a solution! thanks, ciao!