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    will HTML5 kills flex and flash




           Im new this RIAs .now iam started learing this RIAs can i learn Html5 or Flex im notabel to understand


              please give me help...

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          Rafael Zuma

          Hi, Srevuri ... Good afternoon!

          I use Flash for almost 10 years and seen many changes in the software and ActionScript language until today, instead of HTML. I see many changes in HTML 5, but still needs many years to reach the platform that Flash is the most widespread and mature platform for on-line interactive projects, which currently has a high penetration rate in browsers and the rapid diffusion new versions of your plugin.

          If you are going to kill the Flash Platform? Who will decide this will be the mobile end devices and technologies which will support their manufacturers. Having support for multiple platforms and for native HTML5, no matter what the end user is behind the Web sites and applications.Perhaps there is a market segmentation where each is most appropriate for certain features, ie different solutions for different occasions, as we are accustomed.