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    Premiere CS5 will not render video with titles on the fly in preview window

    six5hot Level 1

      I am trying to use CS5 and notice if I add a title to the timeline overlapping any video and then attempt to play the video as soon as it hits the part with the title the video stops playing in the preview window. The background sound keeps going but video play back stops. In premiere CS4 it would render titles on the fly no problem. Why wont it do it in CS5? I should not have to render the timeline it should do at least a rough realtime playback without a full render. In CS4 it would play any and all effects on the fly depending on the resolution and the performence would vary depending on how many and what effects and transitions were applied to the clips but its very useful to get a quick idea how it will look. If I scrub, the titles playback while scrubbing no problem its only with actual playback it happens. Other effects and transitions I apply seem to render on the fly and play back in the preview window ok, it only seems to be the titles having the issues.


      Any ideas?