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    HTTP Service Fault Error


      Hi there, I have implemented an HTTP service to PHP. It sometimes gives an error like :


      In the fault handler, I expanded the event detailes in debug perspective. I see that the requested xml is inside the event object. but the event is a fault event. Why flash builder gives that error sometimes? can anyone help?

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          VRPDeveloper Level 3

          Use debugger like fiddler, charles to find exact request/ response. Once you will know then it will be easy to configure..

          Sometimes it happens that whatever URL should be passed is not able to pass and so it gives this kind of errors.


          Hope you got my point!!!

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            rashmin.d Level 1



            if u passing XML File to your application then its better 2 use XMLSocket class ... it 's fast n easy.......


            And if u want to use HTTP service then in this case basis of error mess. your HTTP service is calling to your PHP but from there it didn't receive any response so i think problem is in PHP prog. i think it will help u....

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              abaki Level 1

              I am using http service call to php, so I need to check php program. But in the fault event, I can see the response of the my php program. it returns an xml response. I will check it again, but I don't think php program has an error, since it is very simple, just creates an xml response.

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                rashmin.d Level 1



                Thanks for reply....

                k.....first store that XML file in src dir. of Flex Project n call HTTP service n try to get result....if u can do it means in your flex appl. HTTP service call is right.... now in PHP prog.. just make HTML file with request n send it... now see its working ? then try on both Flex Proj n PHP....


                i think this will help u.....

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                  abaki Level 1

                  when I used network monitor it gives that error. so I think it is a bug, since when I closed network monitor it works fine