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    CS4 VB Script don't work with Win7



      I hope somebody can help me:

      I wrote quite a few scripts creating catalogs from MSAccess with VB scripts.

      Now I switch to Win7 and I have the problem that I get type mismatch error 13 as soon it gets to the 'Set' command


          Dim oInDesign As InDesign.Application           ' the InDesign application
          Dim oDocument As InDesign.Document              ' the document we'll be creating
          Dim oPage As InDesign.Page                      ' the page we're currently on


          Set oInDesign = CreateObject("InDesign.Application.CS4")    ' Open Indesign
          Set oDocument = oInDesign.Open(sPathDoc & sIDDoc)     ' Open the starting template

          Set oPage = oDocument.Pages.Item(1)                           ' Set page to the first page of document



      Any ideas?


      Thanks for help