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    What is a Reader Extension Sever?


      Hi everyone

      I have been se a task to create a presentation about Adobe Lifecycle Reader extension servers. Although my research helped me grasp what the reader extension service does I am still a bit confused as to how it fits into the Adobe Lifecycle framework?


      Would I be right in thinking that the Reader extension servers reside in the Lifecycle framework? If so would anyone have any good links which would describe how these two work together ? (I have been on Google now for about 2 hours!)


      If this is completly wrong then anything which can point me in the right direction would be much appreciated



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          Gary_Thain Level 1



          I'm hoping this helps:


          Reader Extensions is a module that you can purchase from Adobe and that can be installed as part of the LiveCycle framework. Once installed, you can access the service as part of your workflow. For example, you may produce a workflow that consists of 3 steps:


          1. Access some data from a database

          2. Merge the data with a template and produce a PDF

          3. Reader extend that PDF


          You would Reader extend (step 3) so that people who have the free Reader installed on their computer will be able to access functionality that normally would only be available to people who purchase Acrobat (i.e. digitally signing a form, saving data offline, etc)


          Reader extensions works by digitally signing the document with a specific credential. That credential is recognized by Reader as enabling certain rights/features to that document.


          Hope that helps

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            giulio2008 Level 1

            Thanks for your super quick reply


            This makes it alot clearer!!


            Thanks again!