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    Weird problem with some browsers showing content that is meant to be "off screen"


      So as you might guess from the title of the post, I'm new to both Catalyst, and HTML, and publishing websites in general.


      I created a website in Catalyst using a 1000x700 Photoshop design. I made it so that the transition from page to page occurs with the screen elements moving in from the sides with an elastic effect. I published the site for uploading to the web, then brought the file into Dreamweaver to simply put it on a black background, and save it as index.html. for uploading to my service provider.


      Everything is working fine from a transition perspective, and from my testing in Internet Explorer 7 and 8 as well as Firefox, it seems to be fine. However, one person I work with - who is also running Internet Explorer 8 - finds that when she views it, there is a small white strip along the right side and the bottom of the displayed .swf. In this right strip, on several of the pages, she can see part of the elements off to the side that would normally be sitting out of view on the artboard: In other words, elements that were animated out of the way when she linked to current page.


      I thought I was being clever by following advice posted elsewhere here, and created - or tried to create - a pseudo clipping mask by dragging a 1000x700 rectangle around each screen, converting it to a custom component, editing it by deselecting Modify > Auto Size content, and selecting Modify > Clip to Component Bounds, and republishing. No dice.


      I know I could just go in and move those elements further away from the "stage" so that they wouldn't appear in this weird white strip, but I'd still be left with the strip. At this point, I've made so many changes in Catalyst I'd also really like to avoid bringing it back into Photoshop to make any changes. I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this, and if so, how was it rectified. Perhaps there's a way to provide something like a clipping mask in Dreamweaver? Any help would be appreciated.