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    RoboHelp Error Message

      I have created several online manuals using RoboHelp X5. A co-worker in my area at work and I are both getting the following error message in one of the manuals that we have been working on when we try to compile the manual: "Cannot create compiled file. It may be open in another window. Please close all HTML Help windows and try again."

      We are only receiving this message in one of the manuals and the other manuals are not giving us this error message when we try to compile them. We have both tried closing the application and re-starting our computers as the error message indicates.
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi gortonl

          Normally you see this message if you are running the file you are trying to compile. For example, if you compile a file and afterwards click the button to view it. Then switch back to RoboHelp and attempt to compile again without first closing the file you were viewing.

          Normally when I encounter this message, I immediately begin to press Alt+Tab to cycle through my running applications. I then see a blue up pointing arrow. This indicates the running file that needs to be closed. I then switch to it and close it.

          Assuming this isn't the case for you, is it possible that the file you are running is stored on a network and you are trying to compile to this location? I ask because you mention "you and a co-worker" are seeing the same message. This also indicates a potentially very serious issue. That would be that you are both working on a file that is stored on a network drive. RoboHelp does not like network drives. you should be working locally off your C drive.

          Cheers... Rick
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            gortonl Level 1
            Hi Rick,

            I understand about the message appearing after compiling a file and having the view window opened when trying to compile the file again. I think that has happened to me before and I explained this to my co-worker/trainee.

            That was not the problem this time. Although we do not have RoboHelp running on the network we do have compiled versions of the manuals on the network so I was able to conclude that someone with access to the compiled version of the manual had that opened instead of the shortcut.

            Thank you so much for your help! I hope you have a wonderful day!