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    html wrapper not getting incorporated into release build


      I am new to Flash, and have deployed my first site (based on a sample project from ESRI - map portal).  I am using Flash Builder 4.  In the Flex Compiler option, I checked 'Generate HTML wrapper file' and 'check target player version', and then added some text to the  alternateContent variable in the auto generated index.template.html wrapper found in html-template folder .  For Run/debug settings I have the src/index.html file set as the file to be launched.  In the bin-debug folder, the index.html incorporates the content of the html wrapper, and when I run the app in debug mode it behaves as I would expect and displays my alternate content if I disable my flash plugin.

        However, when I export a release build, the index.html file doesn't incorporate the content of the html wrapper file, and therefore doesn't do the check for a valid version of Flash Player.  Do I have to manually copy the index.html file from bin-debug to bin-release each time I export a release build (this does seem to work), or is there some other setting/configuration that I am missing?

      Thanks for any help