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    Verity and PDF 1.6

    keuste Level 1

      I saw in a related thread and in the CF docs that CF's verity engine only likes documents in pdf v1.4.  Is there any movement (future release) to allow CF/Verity to index pdf v1.6??  This is becoming a problem for us.  We have recently upgraded to Acrobat Pro 9.  It does allow us to save down to 1.4, but if we want to add password security it automatically bumps the version up to 1.6.  Now our CF will not index those files.  This is extremely frustrating, as now we have two Adobe products that cannot keep up with each other.


      (Yes I realize that verity is not an adobe product, but it is in effect a part of CF.  And I know there are other indexing/searching products out there, but i'm not in a position to go out and purchase/implement something completely new.  I feel like this is something that CF should be able to handle.  I mean, how old is PDF v1.4?)


      I'm curious to know how others have handled this situation.