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    Help!  Trying to export 1080p Timeline, But get 'glitches' on playback


      I am Trying to export HD file that will play without 'glitches'

      The timeline plays beautifully--no problems.

      I use Adobe Exporter and I have tried MPEG2 Adobe profiles, standard and my own custom presets= glitches are still there, just at different places.


      So I figure I would try to render the entire timeline, still glitches.  Audio wise: Sound like dv digital dropouts-- Videowise: can't see other than the the frame stuters for a frame or two then starts again--but it just seems like no matter what I try, I just get different spots of the glitches


      Anybody have experience fixing such problem?

      My system: AMD Phenom II X6 Windows 7 Pro and 8GB Ram, CS5 with the latest update for the GTX 285, which I am using.

      If you have any advice, please respond.  I have a tight deadline.

      Thank you!