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    max size for background?

      a background that I've edited doesn't want to come back into the show it originated from. It is 4001 kb. I edited it in Photoshop, it is a BMP, I've done this a million times and I don't know why now it's not working. Size was all I could come up with.

      I have rebooted, tried a couple of different methods for saving the image - it just doesn't want to go. :)

      Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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          firefly66 Level 1
          Apparently that was it. I reduced the size and it loads fine. If anyone knows the threshold could you please pass it along? Thanks!
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            CatBandit Level 3
            I have no idea what a " threshold" is, but if you export a background (or other image) from your Captivate project to your image editor and make changes to it, so long as you don't change the size (specifically, to a larger size) you should have no problem at all in bringing that image back into the project, either as a background, or as an image.

            Does that help at all?? If not, please state what version you are using, and in a step-by-step fashion, tell us exactly (1) what you are doing, (2) what you are seeing as a result, and (3) what you expected to see as a result. Thanks!