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    Erratic display of PDF incorporated into project.

    Lew at Chyron Level 1

      I have a PDF incorporated into an HTML Help project, properly, as near as I can figure. It resides in the Baggage Folder, and is accurately linked from the page containing the reference.


      In the Hyperlink dialog where we created the link, we used the dropdown setting  "Link to: File".

      We used the setting "Display in frame: New Window".


      • When the compiled .CHM is displayed on the machine where I am composing the project, I get an empty Internet Explorer window, whose URL is:


      "mk:@MSITStore:C:\Documents%20and%20Settings\lewis\Desktop\Lyric_7_1_RU2_Online_Help_draft _20100625.chm::/Hyper_eFX_Schematic.pdf".


      "Lewis" is of course the directory containing my documents and settings and desktop, and all that. I am generating the the .CHM to my Desktop, although that should make no difference whatsoever.


      • When the compiled .CHM is copied to the installation directory of our company's product, on a different machine, and the link to display the PDF is clicked, the outcome is even more peculiar.


      We do successfully get a new Explorer window displaying the PDF, but also get a smaller, empty window, whose address is:




      "Lyric" is the name of our product, and "Lyric.chm" is the name of the Help file I produce. Obviously "Hyper_eFX_Schematic.pdf" is the name of the document I'm trying to to get to appear without any problems.


      Lastly, even though the PDF usually displays when called up from the Help file, I occasionally get an error dialog stating that "An error has occurred in the script on this page." Clicking neither Yes nor No in regard to continuing to run the script makes a difference.



      Any help would be much appreciated.


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