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    Images saved in PS CS5 show as red boxes


      The folks in the Photoshop forum say that this is a RoboHelp 7 issue, so here I am.


      My company recently upgraded me from Photoshop CS2 to CS5. Now, when I update an image in CS5, it shows up as a small red square in RoboHelp 7. If I re-open the image in CS2 and resave it, it loads correctly in RoboHelp. I've checked the save settings in CS2 and CS5 and they match and have not been able to find anything in RoboHelp that would change how it loads images saved in CS5.


      So, is there a setting I'm missing in either CS5 or in RoboHelp that would get the images to show up correctly in RoboHelp?


      Thanks in advance,