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    Web gallery design for editing in Contribute?

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      Hello all,

      I am designing a site for a client who wants photo galleries (with
      thumbnails to click for enlargements) on parts of the site. Does anyone
      know of any way to do that so that she will be able to change the images
      herself using Contribute? As this involves behaviours in layers (hidden
      portions) I am not sure how this could be done.

      She did this on an old site she had using frames, which we are now going
      to do away with.

      Any ideas anyone?

      Many thanks


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          ThinkInk Level 2
          This is possible. You have use javascript/php or any other script language to create a gallerie that displays images from a folder without having to know the names/numbers of the images. If you can't write this your self, scripts like this are avialable on the internet (possibly with on the fly thumbnail creation).

          Your user can upload new images into the folder by taking these steps:
          1. in the menu go to: File, Publish file from my computer
          2. Select the file and publish it to the images folder where the images for the slideshow are.

          To delete a file (make sure the user has the proper rights to delete files):
          1. Next to the address-bar click the Choose button
          2. Browse to the images folder, select the image and open the image
          3. In the menu go to: Fila, Actions, Delete the file