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    Techniques needed for Automated (OLE) PDF Creation from Word using Adobe 9


      My client currently uses Adobe 5, PDF Writer, Word and OLE automation to generate PDF files.  This is done on a server. A queue of Word documents are read. A watermark is added via a VB Macro. Then, also via a macro (below) a pdf file version of the Word doc  is generated. The pdf file is generated as temp.pdf, which the program uniquely renames later. 


      Unfortunately, Adobe 5 and PDF Writer cannot handle Chinese characters and now needs to.  Seems like the process  above cannot be the same with Adobe 9. How should I approach this server driven, pdf file generation from Word docs with Adobe 9? This is a 24 x 7 ongoing, 100s of documents a day process. It isn’t clear to me that PDF Writer is still an option.  With Adobe 9 installed on a client, it is possible to save a Chinese character Word document using the Adobe ‘Convert to PDF’ toolbar button. Finally, I am see posts that Adobe Acrobat cannot be used in server environments. If this is true, what collection of Adobe Products can be used for a server environment solution>


      Sub WritePdfFile()




          ActivePrinter = "Acrobat PDFWriter"

          Application.PrintOut FileName:="", Range:=wdPrintAllDocument, Item:= _

              wdPrintDocumentContent, Copies:=1, Pages:="", PageType:=wdPrintAllPages, _

              Collate:=True, Background:=True, PrintToFile:=False

      End Sub