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    Digital Editions, UI comments / suggestions


      I looked through the recent topics here and I didn't see any about the UI, so I apologize if this has already been hashed over many times.


      I've been running ADE for a while now, mainly for EPUB files from Project Gutenberg. I find it very nice for reading, etc. However, there are some really basic UI usability issues that prevent it from being as nice as it could be.


      * It seems to remember the font size you last used for a particular book, along with where you were last looking. Yay! That's great. However, it doesn't remember your font size as a UI preference, and it should. Every time you go to a new book you have to set the font size via the increase/decrease buttons, unless you like the default size. It should just know the size you last set, and use that by default for newly opened books.


      * In the library view, it doesn't remember the order you set for the columns. I don't ever care about publisher or status, so I would actually like to just turn those columns off. It seems to *always* set the column width to some narrow standard and doesn't remember (a) the order I last dragged them into, or (b) the width I set for them. This is really unfortunate because the time I spend doing that (every time I look at the library view) is wasted.


      * In library view, it apparently doesn't ever acquire a horizontal scroll bar, so you're stuck with sometimes very narrow (useless) columns. But maybe that would only matter if you could permanently set the column order and widths, as per my above comment.


      * When you right-click on the titles of columns in the library view you get a (useless) "Flash player settings" dialog box. What I really want is a check-list of the columns, so I can turn certain columns off.


      * Minimally, the program should remember across invocations the directory from which I last added an item to the library. It always defaults to "My Documents", a place where I never keep anything. I put all my e-books in a particular directory, and it would be most useful if the UI automatically took me there, instead of making me navigate there every time I start the program to add something.


      * It would be nice if, in addition to remembering where I last added an item, it could also figure out (because obviously it knows) whether the items in that directory are already in the library or not. Like, if I could choose a directory then push one button to add "all new items" in that directory to the library.