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    Rowby's Got A Great Build

    rowby Level 1

      Following Baz's instructions from an earlier disssion:




      also on your case you will need to remove the pci holder panel that is  in the middle of the case. and when installing cpu cooler, take the  motherboard tray out. and fit on flat service. Once wired up etc.fit the  graphics card, raid card etc, don't screw down yet, make sure all the  devices line up with the back of the case, if not you may need to push  the back of the case and screw down all the devices one by one. because  the case is aluminium they sometimes go out of line, because of weight  on tray.




      The Motherboard tray is flat on my desk.....


      Reading the instructions and looking to see if I can find a youtube video on how to do the best install.


      Also looking at the thermalight webisite for the up to date instructions...


      http://www.thermalright.com/new_a_page/product_page/cpu/tb120/product_cpu_cooler_tb120_rev c.html


      Stay tuned!

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