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    clip masked image moves after save- little help please?

    philter2001 Level 1

      Hi, All. I've been working at a printing company for the last 3 years and have seen the issue I'm about to describe only a handful of times. I'd like to understand it more and know if there is a fix that can be utilized before saving the file for production.


      So, here's my dilemma.... I've saved Illustrator EPS files that have multiple images that are placed and embedded into the document. All of the images are "cropped" using clipping masks. They have been every common type of image extension (jpg, tif, eps). The issue that I'm seeing is that one or two of the images "jump" from their original placement but we've only caught it during the rip or even after it has been printed (which makes for wasted material). The jump isn't by centimeters either. They always end up off the artboard entirely so the clipping mask shape is the only thing left in place.


      So, what's the deal? I've seen this happen in CS3 and CS4. Does anyone have a solution or an inkling of any possible reasoning behind this? I'd appreciate any and all feedback!