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    Selected Value isnt shown in Select Field (Air+HTML/AJAX)




      i have an App in which i fill an Select via Ajax like this:

      var tempItem = document.createElement("option");


      // Set the new menu item's

      tempItem.setAttribute("label", arr[0]);

      tempItem.setAttribute("value", arr[1]);


      // Add the item to our menu



      i click on it and the correct values are shown/dropped down. When i Select the Value i want, all events get started, but the field itself remains emtpy. Normally i would see what i selected in the first row. I hope you all understand what i mean.

      When i expand the Select field, the correct Value is highlighted.


      I can set the text of said "first row" via this command tough:

      document.getElementById("smenu").options[document.getElementById("smenu").selectedIndex].t ext = document.getElementById("smenu").options[document.getElementById("smenu").selectedIndex]. label;


      i think this is a bug. Because i have to do stuff which should be done automatically.


      Or is it only me having this problem?