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    Building new Pc !!

    shahzad mian

      hi, i am about to build a new pc mainly to have smooth experience during AVCHD editing and etc. following is wat i have decided to buy.



      CPU: INTEL Core i7 930

      Board: Asus P6T

      Ram: OCZ 12GB DDR3 (6x2GB) 1600

      SSD: OCZ 60GB SSD > Win7 boot drive

      HDD: W.D 1TB Sata II 7200rpm 64MB cache

      GPU: ATI HD 5770 1GB

      PSU: Cooler Master Silent Pro M600



      Future Upgrades:


      ATI HD 5770 > crossfire

      80Gb SSD > video editing

      1TB HDD Sata II



      So am i going in the right direction? all the components i am buying are just about in my budget and available locally in my country, cant go up level more in any component. i need to have smooth editing experience and am not after blazing fast renderings. this build is costing me a lot and i aint that rich like some to throw in more and more money, so i really want to be perfectly sure i buy proper equipment. thanx