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    Drag and Drop functionality in Shockwave? Xtra?




      Running Director MX 2004 (v10.1) under WinXP SP3.


      Hope to upgrade to 11.5 soon! Speaking of which is there a list of video and audio media types it can handle? I haven't seen anything explicit, or is it anything with a DirectX filter?


      But be that as it may...


      I've written a specialised FTP client in Director using the DirectFTP xtra[1], but because of "safe" shockwave restrictions and perhaps the way that xtra is written I have to assign a bogus filename to the file I'm uploading. So to be explicit:


      The user can select a file to upload through the xtra functionality.


      But I have no way to access what that file is called on the local system. This means that I need to assign a unique dummy filename that the uploaded file will be named and received as on the FTP destination.


      This isn't a problem from a programing point of view, but I imagine it will cause issues for the user because the relationship between the uploaded file (name unknown) and the received file (unique name assigned by me) will not be obvious.


      So much foe the background! To cut to the question:


      Does anyone know if there some Director xtra or native programatic way that will allow me to drag and drop a path & filename into a Director entity from a windows system when running the projector in a webpage as embedded shockwave?


      Thanks in advance



      [1]. Tried the UltimateNet one, and although that's much easier to program with and a lot more flexible, it simply can't handle files over 2,147,483,647 bytes. Neither can DirectFTP, explicitly, but at least DirectFTP will complete the transfer of files > 2.1Gb and allows ways around the problem!


      If someone wants to write a proper FTP xtra for Director, I'd buy it!"