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    Loading Random .SWF for my site!!!!

      i'm on this since november last year... i thing that can't be done... so this is the last post i'll write on any site... i need to load a random .swf, but this is the dificult part... i whant to put the script at the last frame of every banner... cuz... the banners will be differents... and i cant use the array methot or the random number... cuz.. what about if i have 3 or 4 banners, and i upload 1 or 2 more... i'll need to mod. every single banner!!! what i did right now was put the banner on a iframe, then call another page and this page call a random swf... but after some time it stop working... so i need to call a swf... but with any name... not on a array cuz i want to put the script in the last frame... so that way every new banner can take the time it need to load... and the time to be play... and when it stop, call a new RANDOM banner and repete all the same... NOT ARRAY!!! or RANDOM NUMBER!!! NO!!!

      i just think that can't be done on flash...

      HO!!! the site is www.rinconesrd.com