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    Flash CS5 Basic Help!


      I am very new to this program and am struggling to get past this one simple little thing!


      I clicked New > Action Script 3.0


      and am trying to do some of the basic tutorials and cant even get past the first one!

      I am trying to draw a filled in rectangle.... but even when i change the timeline button to fill instead of outline, it only ever draws the outline.

      Am i doing something wrong?


      Also i changed the background colour of the stage and it doesnt seem to change either....

      Please help me get past this first step in learning Flash!!


      I have been trying to follow the tutorials but everytime i try to draw a filled in shape on the stage, it always just comes out as an outline.  I have deselected the outline square so it is filled in... in the timeline an still i can only get an outline. I dont get it!!


      Picture 4.png

      If you can see where im going wrong please let me know...