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    animation setup in max

    Level 7
      Is there any guide of how to set up animation so it can export to SW 3D
      from 3D Max? My animation isn't exporting properly. How can I create
      relationships in Max that will continue in SW 3D? If I group models,
      that just makes the components in the group linked and act like a single
      model in SW 3D right?

      Say I have model 1 rotating and model 2 rotating at the same time. If I
      export this to Director, and just play the animation, it looks OK. But
      if i use the 'click to play animation' behavior, it can only activate
      the animation of one model so the other does not move. Do I need to do
      anything special? Do I need another behavior to activate the other
      model's animation? Can I save it in Max that they are treated as one
      animation? Can I create any relationships in Max between the models that
      will import into sw 3D (besides group)? If I create the models, then
      animate them, then group the models, shoudl teh animation still work OK?

      Next, create a box. Then create a copy of the box as an instance.
      Animate the second box to come out of the first (they start in the same
      location) so you have a bigger box. Then group the boxes. Then rotate
      that group and animate the rotation. Is this wrong?

      Sorry for all the questions. Just trying to work out what to do to get
      simple - keyframed animation across.

      Thanks heaps for info you can offer.