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    Can't transfer books from ADE to my ereader

    DrPenNZ Level 1

      I've just bought an onyx boox, I've downloaded ADE to my laptop (running windows7), both the laptop and ereader are authorised.  I can down load free books from adobe to my laptop and read them .

      When I try to transfer them to my ereader I'm told that there is no permission to copy the document there.

      However, they appear in the ereader and can be opened through ADE while the ereader is attaced to the laptop, but not when I unplug the usb cable.

      The same has happened with a purchased book, but not with a very old medical text book which I downloaded from another free site and can read on the ereader.

      I've tried the fixes of reinstalling ADE and de-authorisising the ereader.

      I've looked at the manifest file in notebook but can't find de:deviceID. This file seems much smaller on the computer than when viewed on line.

      The only other thing is that the bookseller says that the book can only be downloaded once, but I've done this multiple times.  I've phoned them (Waterstones in the UK) from NZ and they can't help because i've not got a Sony ereader.

      Has anybody got any bright ideas?


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